Your glass will be half full, creating the right energy

I love coffee, it gives me energy and a great taste that allows me to inspire others into a positive vision that leads to motivation and success.

Some of the companies and organizations I accompanied
I have been accompanying in the last 20 years of my experience in implementing impact innovation:
– ebbf – ethical business building the future – director general (Global)
– B Lab Europe – promoting and growing the community of B Corps in Europe (Europe)
– Impact Hub Madrid – co-founder (Local, Madrid)
– Lush – ethical values development (Europe)
– NESI Forum – New Economy and Social Innovation

Professor of impact innovation at these business schools:
Instituto de Empresa  (visiting professor)
EOI – Int Master in Sustainable Development
IED – Red de Industrias Creativas
Stanford – social innovation judge

Recent Keynotes Given:

. Lancôme global directors inspirational keynote: resolving the tension between sustainability and growth.

. B Lab Europe Lead The Beat Summit

. BTardes B Lab Spain the historic change we are living

 . NESIFORUM Malaga – The future of work and the role of impact innovation ( see short RTVE TV interview )

. Factoria Cultural – how can you create companies that people do not like, but love

. Universidad de Baleares – creating meaningful enterprises

. Sustainable Brands Madrid – how can companies become best for the world ( see video )

. Encuentros con Valores Zaragoza – the new role of consumers and companies in this new acceleration era

. Jornada Corresponsables – ODS 10 Y 17: Reducción de Desigualdades y Alianzas Win Win  ( see video )

. NESIFORUM Malaga – Good Companies Creating Meaningful Impact

. ESCP – demanding and creating meaningful workplaces

. Loyola Foro Medinge – innovation in meaningful marketing

. Foro Nuevas Economías Vitoria-Gasteiz – reinventando la economía 

. CONAMA Madrid – Nuevas Formas de crear empresas de impacto

. Fundación Biodiversidad Madrid – lideres que crean el futuro, el movimiento de las mejores empresas para el mundo

. B Good Day – National B Corp event MC ing and dinamization

. SXSW – panel on social innovation

. JUMP Paris – how do women and men manage differently? ( see video )

. NESIFORUM local Madrid – porqué ser parte de comunidades de impacto ( see video