Plenty is being written, little is being read: 10 ideas to have your content actually reach your audience

It’s never been easier to write and post your and your organization’s most exciting messages towards a global audience, resulting in an exponential growth in one-to-many content creation. But does anyone actually read your content? 

You know, that exciting news or achievement or campaign you just launched that will transform your business / organization and / or the world: how can you increase the likelihood of people actually reading what you post?

In a recent conversation about using media to convey companies’ sustainable policies I extrapolated ten ideas that can be replicated for you and your organization, the last one being in my view the most important one:

  1. Forget one-way monologues – focus on creating bi directional communication flows adding questions that open dialogues
  2. Create intelligent entertaining information – people love to be entertained as well as informed, creating content that goes beyond attracting attention and creates awareness-awakening content that people love to watch more than once and share


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