Testimonials, how people enjoyed my work

“Muchas gracias Daniel! Una charla muy inspiradora!”
Francois-Xavier Lacroix – GM Aguas Danone España

“Mil gracias por tu actitud positiva y tu mensaje inspirador. “
Borja Lafuente – Head of Sustainability Danone Iberia

“Thank you again dear Daniel for your great and inspiring speech at our seminar!”
Laure Bo hec Le Stra dic – Lancóme

“Daniel is an exceptional person with uncommon commitment to inspire people towards a vision and motivate to concrete actions.
I’ve had the pleasure to experience Daniel’s personal authenticity and empowering leadership during my first two years of service at ebbf. During this time I’ve appreciated his blend of the absolute drive to action and openness to experiment/adopt new approaches. His skills show a combination of leadership with deep business expertise and excellent human understanding.
I completely recommend him as a huge source of learnings for your organisation and teams, both on professional and personal levels.”  
Laura Zambelli

“Explaining difficult concepts and keeping the audience listening to you all the time is an Art. And Daniel is one of those Artists who are capable to do so.
I admired Daniel’s enthusiasm, inspiration and positive energy when delivered the “meaningful work” keynote speech at the ConnectIn event organised by Linkedin. He is inspired and inspiring.
I truly endorse him as speaker for any event that involved meaningful work, ethics, values-based leadership and many other relevant issues of today’s world.”
Leonardo Intriago

“I can´t think of anyone better than Daniel to join a professional team. I can´t think of a better attitude than the one he has….not punctually, but every single day.”
Eva Curto

“Simply inspiring. Any other words can better describe Daniel. I had the absolute pleasure to listen to him several times during my life and everytime he has been able to share different meaningful thoughts, deep fealings and emotions.
I truly believe that Daniel is one of the most important and consistent speaker I’ve ever met, I hope one time we will have the chance to work together. In the meanwhile I will continue to be motivated and inspired by him.”
Francesco Costanzo

“Daniel is an inspiring teacher and a great tutor. His experience and vision allowed me to open my mind and consider new possibilities and lifestyles that primarily seek to have a positive meaning and impact to the world. For me, one of the best teachers I had during the Master and who motivated me to become an entrepreneur.”
Ana Maria Rocha 

“Daniel has this outstanding and quite incomparable skill to motivate and fill people with enthusiasm and energy, when introducing concepts and ideas to them.
The conferences he’s organized were amazing and extremely inspiring both for participants and speakers.
In addition, he has a strong base of values, essential in his position, and a great capacity to listen to people and reformulate their thoughts, in a comprehensible way for all audience.
I would definitely recommend him for Leadership-like positions in any companies, as he would be a wonderful asset for them.”
Dan Dang

“I worked with Daniel in several occasion and it has always been a fantastic experience. He is inspired and inspiring. He just creates the perfect enviroment to generate excellent performance. That’s why everybody loves him. He is a great networkers, and a fantastic business partner. He knows what the next thing to do is. Always.”
Denise Cumella