Unexpected moral dilemmas in our purchasing habits, our new influence deciding where to spend during Covid

My friend Kami had bought 600 euros worth of tickets for a theater show. Covid comes, the show is cancelled, the theater then asks ticket holders if they can support the theater and donate instead of asking for a ticket refund.

He was a client, he could become a philanthropist. This is one example of our relationships with companies, and companies’ relationships with their customers have seem some very important changes in this turbulent (to say the least) time.

First we were just consumers, now we are adding another layer with our consumer choices, and can decide how our relationships will change and who I decide to support.

Do I support that theatre not asking for a rebate or do I get a rebate and give that same amount to someone who has lost their job and might now risk being homeless?

It might have never struck you before but our relationships have changed. Our relationship to the companies, to the world, how do we use our money and spend our energy has changed literally from one day to the next.

We are so used to consuming to get something back from what we paid, now we can rethink what we should be getting from our payments, what / who we can influence and reward. Perhaps even push the concept and start to develop a new relationship of just giving without  …

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