How I Open Value

Strategist, Social Innovator, speaker and enabler
Bringing useful innovation into meaningful organisations who are wanting to adapt and thrive in the fast-evolving opportunities offered by this 21st century.

Creating and managing adaptive teams bringing calm, direction, and motivation through enabling trust-based environments.

Identifying the needs of organisations and connecting them with global networks of inspiring people and ideas that fulfill those needs.

Translating/unraveling complex situations into clear strategic plans,
motivating meaningful protagonism in individuals and teams

“Explaining difficult concepts and keeping the audience listening to you all the time is an Art. And Daniel is one of those Artists who are capable to do so.
I admired Daniel’s enthusiasm, inspiration, and positive energy when delivered the “meaningful work” keynote speech at the ConnectIn event organised by Linkedin. He is inspired and inspiring.
I truly endorse him as a speaker for any event that involved meaningful work, ethics, values-based leadership and many other relevant issues of today’s world.”
Leonardo Intriago – LimkedIn Italy